Wednesday, June 07, 2006


If you've ever lost or misplaced a cell phone - leaving it in a cab, for example (which I have done before as did these people) - and never saw it again (which also happened to me), even though it would be really easy for the person who found it to contact you, then you'll find this account very satisfying.

Basically, it is the story of a person who left her Sidekick in a cab where it was found by someone else (photo below) who not only refused to give it back once she was found out (in a really stupid way), but also made insults and physical threats to the owner trying to get it back. So now, below girl's name, photos, AOL address and MySpace URL are getting dragged around the internet (rightfully so, in my opinion). Revenge can be so sweet.

A friend emailed this to me, and now I'm doing my part to spread the news (and yes, this story seems to be spreading). Rather entertaining read if you have 3 minutes.
Look at me - I'm so pretty (and a complete waste of carbon material).

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Or if you haven’t lost or misplaced your cell phone, but you’ve lost or misplaced your cell phone-using child: