Friday, June 09, 2006

Summer To Do List

The results of this week’s Question of the Week are in, and glad to see that the voters are consistent above all else.

  • When asked what you’ll be doing this summer, first place was a tie between “Drink lots” and perennial favorite “Popozao!” (It seems that whenever offered as an option, whether it be to the question “What should be my personal motto for 2006?” or even “Favorite way to celebrate Easter” Popozao! always wins. Always.) So the Cherry Ride readers love them some Drink and some Popozao.
  • In close second place was “Put ‘em on the glass” (which I was glad to see because, personally, I don’t think enough people do these days) followed by “Free ball” (this surprised me) followed by a tie for 4th place between “Light that sticky-icky” and “Get the band back together.”
  • Sadly for Skynyrd, only one of you is planning a trip out to Scranton.


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I appreciate that Kiwaussies are a tad backwards compared to Americans but what the...???

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You must watch this: