Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things My Boyfriend Has Said To Me That Were Meant As Compliments...

...but because he's Australian didn't quite turn out that way:

  1. Geezer *
  2. You're a Spunk Rat**
  3. You're a Foxy Moron***
  4. You're the Dog's Balls****

* I'm in my 30s but that doesn't make me old.

** I can't imagine a situation where calling someone a dirty diseased rodent could possibly be interpreted as a term of endearment. And in my experience, "spunk" has a totally different meaning than what it does Down Under.

*** I came to find out soon after that "foxy moron" is a line from Kath and Kim. But having never seen the show up to that point, when one sees the word "moron" (irrespective of the adjective next to it) texted to your phone completely out of the blue, one's heart doesn't usually fill with warmth.

**** I'm still scratching my head over this one. I understand every country has its own slangs and idioms, but how the fuck could this be considered a complement??

Oh, and he's also called me "asshole" and "bastard." But just like here in the States, those weren't meant as compliments.


'The Boyfriend' said...

OK. Translation time!

1. Geezer - An English term to describe a lad/fella/bloke/non-sheila!

2. Spunk Rat - Aussie slang...yes indicate a TOTALLY sexy and adorable piece of meat! (ne: you, Baby!) And yes Spunk is the slang for the same thing it is here. (I too was shocked the first time I had heard the term after moving back to Aust from the UK. I though how could anyone compare a hottie to..well...semen!)

3. Foxy Moron - Too true, Prue! Taken from the fab Kath & Kim, Kimmoi was supposed to be saying Oxymoron, however came out as describing herself as a Foxy Moron! (But you know you izzz just that, Foxy!!)

4. Dogs Balls. Hmm. Don't think I have ever used that as a compliment. And one I would NEVER use to describe you! Mainly used to describe something so excruciatingly skanky. Especially when the preface to it is 'this smells like dead 'dogs balls'!'

Asshole and bastard, as you said, need no further description.

'Aussie Slang 101' over-and-out.

Sarah said...

Ki-Ora thankful that those Aussie blokes are a few tinnies short of a 6 pack and don't decide to mash up your last 2 posts cos that would be just plain mean Cookie Boy! I bet your boyfriend was the playground bully too (you have to watch them - they tend to steal your lunch when you are not looking!. Sweet As!

Wingman said...

As previously discussed, you are a foxy moron. You know it. Why argue the point?

Shaun said...

In England, where English was invented, if something is the Dog's Bollocks - then it is absolutely fantastic... the best thing since sliced bread... or the bee's knees, if you will.

Prashant Sridharan said...

Aussie slang:

Absolutely indispensible while I was living there.

Rich said...

'The Boyfriend' was NEVER the school bully! Hell, as discussed with BWill, he has never even been in a fight!! (A TOTAL lover, not a fighter!)

Go Wingman! We all know he's a Foxy Moron, maybe one day he will see it!

Cheeky Kiwi said...

LOL - my humblest apologies dear BF - I do recall now that you have never been in a fight. Knowing you - you probably charmed the socks off the girlies and they fell over themselves to give you the yummies from their lunch. Said girlies now work as flight attendants....BUT this is detracting from the topic of amusing names for your BF!!!