Thursday, June 22, 2006

When Searching Along That Thing Called "The Information Superhighway"...

... My blog comes up near the top of the pile if you’re Googling any of the following:

  • “sweet cherry ride” (or most variations of “cherry ride” for obvious reasons)
  • “The Stills” on Google blog serach
  • “dorito godzilla ad cast”
  • “cancel blue mountain membership from 2 years ago”
  • “pimm my ride” [not to be confused with 'pimp my ride']
  • “Australian boyfriend Richard cherry”

My blog also comes up if you're on Technorati searching “intonation chicago.” Or if you're on MSN Search looking for “Cherry Rearview Mirror Cover.”

Go ahead, try for yourself.


Australian boyfriend Richard cherry said...

You must be SOOOO bored baby!! PS...let me know if you didn't get the email Healy Communications sent out about internet use and work time..can forward it on if you like! Eh eh eeeehhh!

What Web Use Policy Sarah said...

Hey Gorgeous...our ESPN must be working again cos I was just thinking the same thing!

I think I can now work out the reason why there were a few hiccups to getting a new job - am imagining that the potential new employer asked "what portion of your working day do you use on personal websurfing" to which the correct reply is "very little" as opposed to what you heard: "what portion of your working day do you spend working" to which you replied "very little".

That said...I did spend most of my day trying to find somewhere new to live BUT then again my computer came with MSN installed....