Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two Degrees of "Superman Returns"

Tonight Richard and I are off to see the 10pm screening of Superman Returns and not the midnight one. Because somehow waiting in line for a 10pm show seems less pathetic than waiting in line for a midnight one. (Or at least that is what I’m telling myself.) So those of you (about 25% of you who responded to this week’s QOW) who were “embarrassed that I was heading to the midnight show” no longer need to feel that way (riiiight?).

And speaking of the Question of the Week, another 25% of you said you have made out with an extra from the movie. Which is rather alarming to me, because I would have figured I was the only one who did that.
Seriously. I wonder if the same guy I made out with is getting around.

Last year when I was in New Zealand I met an American actor in an Auckland bar who told me he was on his way back to the States after finishing up filming for the Superman movie in Australia. I didn’t believe his story for several reasons: 1) at the time I didn’t know they were filming the next Superman movie; 2) I didn’t believe that they would be filming it in Australia, of all places; and 3) when I asked him who was playing Superman, he said it was an “unknown” American actor (up to that point I thought Nicholas Cage was going to be the next Superman). So essentially I thought this guy was a total bullshitter.

But I pashed on him anyway for the following reasons, all of which are necessary conditions for me to make out with a total stranger: 1) he was cute; 2) he thought I was cute; 3) I was single; 4) I was on vacation; and 5) I was never going to see him again. [
It also helped that I was a bit tipsy as the bartender kept feeding me free rum and Cokes (my favorite kind) because I told him I was from Oregon and he was wearing a shirt with "Oregon" printed on it and he'd never met anyone from Oregon before. But I digress...]

So besides being very excited to see the movie because I am a Superman fan and the movie is getting great reviews, there is a small part of me that will be looking to see if this guy is really in the movie and not just a liar. (He is supposed to be playing “one of Clark Kent’s boyhood friends” -- and before you ask, Yes, this guy was well above legal age. And No, I don't remember his name.)

So I figure if this guy is in the movie, than that makes me, like, two degrees from Bryan Singer of Brandon Routh. It's like I was practically in the movie myself.

Anyway, enough about that. A full review to appear tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

willz, you are sexy hot

Ill Jackass said...

First, how long did you spend on photo shop to get that new header on the homepage? Don't lie to me Zolna...Or did you have one of the creative interns in your agency do it for you?

Second - there is nothing wrong with waiting in line for any superhero / action figure movie. Except for that shitty He-Man Movie with Dolph Lundgren that came out in 88. I was in elemetry school and I think I even knew that movie was shit. I should have kicked my dads shins for taking me to see that...well...SHIT.

It doesn't supprise me that you made out with an extra from a movie. What does suprise me is that you claimed OREGON when you could have lied and said anything to be a little more dangerous, mysterious and sexy. Don't we all need that?

I always say I am from Vancouver, BC on trips like that. #1 - no one in Europe likes Americans right now, if they say they do they are liars and liars go to hell. #2 - Canadians are just nice...them and Wisconsoians and Minnesotians. #3 - If I meet up with an American person, they still think I am "different."

I typed for a while there...sorry all.

Will - are you in Chi on the second weekend of July? I MIGHT be in town...if so...its all over brother.


Prashant Sridharan said...

He may not be in the movie. They filmed about 30 minutes of extra footage (a "Return to Krypton" scene, a few scenes where Ma Kent tells Clark that she's getting remarried and selling the farm, and a few others as well). Can't recall anything with Clark's boyhood friends, though.

All those scenes will purportedly be on the DVD.

Hope you enjoyed it :-)