Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bite Me, Madge

Madonna is in town, tonight performing the second of her four shows. Yes, Richard and I wanted to go, but I got stingy and didn't want to pay the steep ticket price for very few remaining seats.

Plus, I somehow thought I would magically get free tickets. I figured I'd win some kind of radio giveaway or the Time Out Chicago contest. Or that I'd befriend someone "in the industry" who would happen to have extra free tickets. Or that I'd be walking down the sidewalk, look down, and two tickets would be just waiting for me to pick them up.

So now that she's here I'm a bit jealous, but trying to make myself feel better through these justifications:

  1. All the good seats were snatched up waaay before you could get your act together, and:
  2. All the crappy seats are outrageously expensive.
  3. Because she's a raging bitch and things have to be done her way, she's turned off the air conditioning at the United Center, and I would have been sweaty and miserable.
  4. This from the review in the Trib: "Nothing in Madonna's world, at least on stage, is less than expertly managed. And it gave most of the show the air of a somewhat joyless Big Production; like being taken for a ride by a ritzy escort service." -- and lord know I would hate to be taken for a ride by an ritzy escort service! (PS the rest of the review was favorable, but nevermind that.)
  5. That $600 would be better spent on something else.
  6. I've seen Madonna in concert before, so isn't it time I stopped being selfish and let others see her?
  7. Last August I danced all night at Madonna-Rama in DC, watching her on a big screen and this would have pretty much been the same thing, so really why waste the time and money?

So when you put all this together, my life is better off having not seen Madonna this time around. Yeah, that's it.

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Quindigo said...

You can run, you can hide, but you'll never escape me! NEVAH! (It's Indigo? From MSN Spaces? Wondering why you left without warning? If it was the paternity test, it was just a false alarm ;)

Thanks for saving Madonna for the rest of us...