Monday, July 10, 2006

The Corporate "We"

"What can we do to give this report more punch?"

Hmmm... When you say "we" do you really mean you're going to sit down with me and think of some ways to "punch up" this report? Wow, that would be great.

Because I'm pretty sure that by "we" you're not talking about "you and I" but really mean your usual "Go back to your desk and try and figure this out on your own."

The thing is, I have no problem going back to my desk to punch it up some. But I'm pretty tired of this whole "we" crap.

In our efforts to sound PC or not to offend, we dilute and weaken the language. Just say what you mean. I'm a big boy and I can take it.

On a completely unrelated note, a new CRQOW about North Korea appears to the right. Because you bitches think I can't do anything news related.


darci on coffee said...

a few things a) i *(&@#%& hate the royal "we" -- especially when applied by a lazy, do nothing boss and you know immediately that "we" and sometimes even "I" out of their mouth = your action item. I'm not bitter or anything tho ;-) b) in response to your post, uh YEA yellow cake/chocolate frosting... so so delic. White/white is still may favorite, but it's kind of like good sex, just a different position, but my god still so so good. c) to your age old question about the purpose of the iPOD shuffle - I found another one. When you leave your real IPOD at the jackass your datings house and you don't want to talk to him for a few days, you can get by at the guy with your Shuffle.

Pablo said...

I sometimes use the term we, mostly to refer to myself ... pondering why?, gettinf of thrown, scratching head with tiara ... not sure it just seems like an approproate pronoun. LOL, maybe it not the royal we we are talking about. Mmmmmm

Erika said...

ok...the "we" thing. Totally WE = Waggener. LOL. Also, want to point out a little tidbit about Kim Jong that my husband told me. Supposedly, Kim was a film major - I have searched on the Internet and can not find proof of this. But it's a funny idea to consider. My husband was a film major, and as much as I love, wouldn't trust him with nuclear weapons. :P