Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DC: Our Nation's Crime Emergency

...And just as I was starting to miss living there, DC Police Chief Chuck Ramsey declares the place in a state of a "crime emergency" thanks to "a wave of violent crime sweeping across downtown Washington, the Mall and other areas once considered safe."

People have been mugged and assaulted on the National Mall for fuck's sake (how the hell does THAT happen??) and some guy got his throat slit in the driveway of a mansion --in Georgetown!

My friend Jason has a few broken bones and bruises and lived in a hospital for a few days because he got beat and robbed by three guys a few weeks ago while walking to his apartment. In his own neighborhood. And Jason isn't some rube off the turnip truck; he's lived in DC for years and knows how to handle himself (just like, I imagine, the Georgetown guy and perhaps the folks on the Mall). This is outrageous.


yankinoz said...

wow, I'm livin on the right side of the equator and date line. The first challenge to mugging someone on the streets of Canberra would be, of course, actually FINDING someone on the streets of Canberra. But still, muggin on the national mall - that's just wrong.

Karen said...

And people wonder why I don't think it's such a bad idea to be allowed to carry a mace. No, not a can of mace. One of those large, spiked studded balls on a stick, and if someone gets within a three foot radius of my aura...well, you get the idea. Heck, even a cane with a concealed stilleto in the end would make me happy. Hope Jason's recovery goes well, and that he doesn't give up on humanity alltogether.

Alison said...

ugh! why did i have to read this just a few days before i have to go to D.C.?

Cherry Ride said...

O, you'll be just fine. Just don't leave your hotel.

Prashant Sridharan said...

Isn't Canberra located next to the porn capital of Australia? Fishwick or something? Not that I've ever been there.