Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Me & South Park

Although not at all a fan of the show, I dug this site (thanks Dop!) which lets you create your own South Park character. Here’s me if I was to appear on the show:
Hat? I have three of these earflap hats. If I could wear a hat like this everyday (without getting hot or getting fired), I would.
Mouth? Since I am in a constant state of wonder and confusion, this was best.
MP3 Player? Duh. I am a slave to the rhythm.
Scarf and Wristbands? I like to accessorize.

Light Saber? Who doesn’t want one?
Bag? I don’t travel without my man-purse.
Ice Cream? Mmmmmmmmmmm


Rich said...

Now you have created your own S.P. caracture, you have relinquished your rights to bitch and moan when I watch it! Mmkay?? Your even cute as a light saber flashing, man-bag wearing, icecream eating cartoon creation!

CHW said...

Funny stuff. What's even funnier is that I just noticed your banner for Cherry is depicting Route 666. How evil. I love it.

On that note, not sure you follow the NHL, but even if you don't you should appreciate this. Check out the common denominator of all of these URL's....... click one.