Friday, July 07, 2006

Week in Review

  1. Apparently, America had a birthday this week. Is that what all that noise was?
  2. George Bush is in town. It was his birthday this week too. He was quoted as saying: "Laura said, `What do you want for your birthday?' I said I want to have a dinner in Chicago with the mayor!" Holy shit, I think I need to move out of Chicago now.
  3. Ken Lay: I’m torn on this one. I was brought up to treat the dead with respect, but on the other hand he was an asshole, wasn’t he? So instead of saying anything bad about him directly, I’ll just link to other stories and blogs who can do it for me.
  4. We saw “Nacho Libre” on Monday. We didn’t like it very much, so we immediately snuck across the hall and saw “Devil Wears Prada” which was much better. Yes, I should feel bad about not paying for a ticket, but since I was so disappointed by "Nacho", I figure it is owed to me.
  5. Soon, people will have cell phone reception on Chicago subways. That means train commuters can be annoyed all the time, and not just when the train is above ground.
  6. This photo has nothing to do with anything, aside from it being from a Paris fashion show this week but I thought it was funny and ridiculous. Which reminds me, I hope France loses the World Cup.
  7. Since “Abba the Music” sang it Tuesday night, I have been unable to get the Abba song “Tiger” out of my head. This could be a good thing or pure torture depending on who you talk to. (I belong in the latter camp.)
  8. India.Arie looked and acted a bit stoned Wednesday night, from where I was looking at her on the big screen from my standing position way in the back of the lawn. There, I said it.
  9. At last: luxury toilet paper has arrived (thanks Dop!). This photo is from their ad (WTF??). On their website (click the bottom corner of it for the English one), they’ll tell you how Renova gives you “an emotional bond.” Thanks, but no thanks – if I’m craving an emotional bond with my toilet paper, well then I think I’ve got bigger problems.


Shaun in Singapore said...

It looks like he's stuffed the loo brush down his staight man briefs.

We have phone reception on the tube in Singapore, but no one is ever on the phone. Weird!

Prashant Sridharan said...

Thank God for luxury toilet paper. Everyone always asks what the big deal is with rich people. After all, their shit still stinks. Well, this goes a long way towards alleviating that problem. Rich white people are simply better people. It's high time we all agreed on this subject.

Knitter said...

I looooooved Devil wears Prada, its is one of the few movies that surpasses the book. Serioulsy ... at least they managed to play some humanish beings and not just cartoons, besides the zingers are so good I have started using them with Wonkee, it goes more or less like this "WonKee, where ar eyou going to an ugly shorts convention"

Karen said...

Thanks, Will. I can always count on you for my reading enjoyment. Too bad I can't take my computer in the bathroom with me, because I think I needed some of that luxury toilet paper after I finished reading your last post.