Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Music. More Crowds.

As part of this whole "summer of Music" kick Richard and I seem to be on, we braved the masses of Taste of Chicago to see India.Arie last night at the Petrillo Band Shell. Just yesterday or Tuesday her new album "Testimony Vol.I..." went to #1 on the Billboard charts, so it felt somewhat serendipitous.

Anyway, we had no idea the free concert would be so crowded and by the time we arrived we could only find room waaay in the back of the lawn. It was a good show - she sounded great, the weather was fantastic, and it helped me mellow down after a stressful day. But because we were so far away, nobody around us was really paying attention to her show and we were the only people listening to the music. So after about an hour we left and had Burger King (note: having BK has nothing to do with going to see India.Arie, I just wanted to point out that: We. Ate. Burger King.)

But I'm starting to feel a little burned out over live music already (after the BellRays at Randolph St.,
Intonation and the Abba tribute band) as I only have so much tolerance standing or sitting amongst a crowd of people, trying to get a view for the stage, without air conditioning. And I'm afraid that by the time Pitchfork rolls around I'll likely kill someone (or more likely, take out the whole crowd). And let's not even get started on Lollapalooza, which at this point is starting to sound like 3 days of personal Hell for me (but that's another post entirely). I think the answer is alcohol and lots of it. (Come to think of it - of course it is the answer!)

Moving forward: no more live music unless my brain is sufficiently soaked in gin. Or vodka. Or both.

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gadgetgirl said...

You're going to Lollapalooza? Can you throw some eggs at Wolfmother for me? (Remind me to tell you my Wolfmother story somtime.....)