Wednesday, August 23, 2006

32 Songs in My Library I Should Be Embarrassed to Have...

... but because I am secure in who I am, I don't care.
This is the first in what a hope will be a weekly posting of useless lists that reveal perhaps a little too much about me.

Without further ado (and in no particular order):

  1. Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John
  2. Promise of a New Day - Paula Abdul
  3. Justified and Ancient - the KLF & Tammy Wynette
  4. Pop That Coochie - 2 Live Crew
  5. Da Dip - Freak Nasty
  6. Let's Hear it For the Boy - Denise Williams
  7. No More Tears (Enough is Enough) - Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer
  8. Come Clean - Hilary Duff
  9. Girlfriend - Pebbles
  10. I Eat Cannibals - Toto Cuelo
  11. Takes a Little Time - Amy Grant
  12. You're Momma's On Crack Rock - the Dogs
  13. Crush on You - the Jets
  14. Doin' the Doo - Betty Boo **
  15. The Language of Love - Dan Fogelberg **
  16. Tell It To My Heart - Taylor Dane
  17. If You Go - Jon Secada
  18. Dangerous - Roxette **
  19. So Caught Up in You - 38 Special
  20. Waiting for a Star to Fall - Boy Meets Girl
  21. Who's Johnny? - El DeBarge
  22. Life is a Flower - Ace of Base **
  23. I Heard a Rumor - Bananarama
  24. Steel Bars - Michael Bolton **
  25. Tootsie Roll - the 69 Boys
  26. The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill
  27. Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair) - Sheena Easton **
  28. Touch Me (All Night Long) - Cathy Dennis
  29. Love Changes Everything - Climie Fisher **
  30. Toy Soldiers - Martika
  31. One Good Woman - Peter Cetera
  32. We Built this City - Starship
Ahhhh. That felt good. So what's on your list?

PS - I will make you a CD with any of the above songs. Just tell me what you want. (C'Mon, you know you want to...)

** I don't even know what that song is, but I at least know it can't possibly be something I should want to have in my collection.
** He's the poor man's James Taylor, in case you're asking.
** I have pretty much the entire Roxette library, so I could have picked any of their other songs, like "Fading Like a Flower."
** Again, I have pretty much all their stuff too, so I could have picked "Beautiful Life" or "All That She Wants."

** I've italicized this one because of all the songs on the list this is the one I am perhaps most embarrassed about. And now that I look at it, I am sorta ashamed that I even confessed it to you.
** I don't care what you say, it is impossible not to like this song. So fuck off.
** That's not a typo -- his name is Climie.


classyandfancy said...

Wow! Now, that's some list you have there, one that can only be rivaled by Dr. Kenneth. I don't think that Denise Williams, Pebbles, the Jets, El DeBarge, Bananrama, or Martika should be on there though. There is NOTHING embarrassing about those pop gems.

So, here is my list:

1)"Send Her My Love"- Journey
2)"Girl Is Mine"- MJ & Paul McCartney
3)"Two Of Hearts"- Stacey Q
(but, you have to admit that is a JAM!)
4)"Jump (For My Love)"- Pointer Sisters
5) "Somebody's Watchin'"- Rockwell
6)"Sunglasses At Night"- Cory Hart
7) "Send Me An Angel"- Real Life
8) "Point of No Return"- Expose
9) "Ghostbusters"-Ray Parker Jr.
10)"The Politics of Dancing"- Re-Flex

Regarding that Betty Boo song, I can remember that craptastic thing. The lyrics that pop in my head are "Betty Boo, Betty Boo's just doin' the do, and you are through and there's nothing you can do" Not sure if the through is supposed to be a ooh, but either way, definitely not a song you want to admit to having in your library.

Alison said...

I don't have a single one of these songs, but I kind of want them all now!

Can you make this into a compilation CD and sell it in a late-night Time Life infomercial?

Cherry Ride said...

That is a cherry list. I want "Two of Hearts!" Jealous. (I also have Journey and "Point of No Return.")

Lipstick: I've updated the posting to read that I will be happy to make anyone a CD of any of the songs on the list. Just tell me what you want, and they're yours...

5 of 9er said...

Holy Shit is that embarrrrrrrrrassssssing. The things you own up to. Wow. :)

Cherry Ride said...

9er: Do we need to start talking about your DVD collection? OK then, shut up.

kathyg said...

hilary duff?????? can she sing thru those teeth?

Pink Hobbit said...

OMG, I am SO jealous right now. Yes, please, I would like a copy (I'm dead serious) and if I can request extra Dan Folgelberg esp. Auld Ang Syne that would be great!! I'll make my list on my own blog so check out Pink Hobbit soon!

Rich said...

'Bety Boo's just doin the doo, and you are through, and theres nothing you can do!' LOVE IT!

You know how I feel about Hilary's Muff!

And HOW COULD YOU put Peebles on your ashamed list?? Krista would have your arse for breakfast! Its sooo DC!! 'Girlfriend, Woo Woo..'

I love you and your craptastic tunes!

Hough Stuff said...

BWill-for your number 4 song. I thought 2 live crew called it something else besides the coochie. As I recall from the high school days, it was pop that p*ssy. Can you verify?

Andre said...

LOL....i have 17 on your list and of those 2 i also have the entire collection, so "am i bovvered" NO! and whatever! gave me a laugh for this dull and dreary day, thanks Will

Jbro said...

Honestly Will, you have NO RIGHT to take the piss with me when you have both Amy Grant and Paula Abdul on your list! Honestly Will, I still care for you, but I may have to reconsider my marriage proposal now.

Wingman said...

They're Justified, and they're Ancient,
And they like to roam the land.
(just roll it from the top)

They're Justified, and they're Ancient,
I hope you understand.
(to the bridge, to the bridge, to the bridge now)

They called me up in Tennessee
They said "Tammy, stand by The Jams"
But if you don't like what they're going to do,
You better not stop them 'cause they're coming through

Good times. Good times.
I wonder if I can get that on iTunes?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

The following piss poor songs are in my itunes:
1. Joe Cocker Featuring Jennifer Rush - Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong
2. Ugly Kid Joe - I Hate Everything About You.
3. Jackyl - Lumberjack
4. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is a Place on Earch
5. Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye
6. Firehouse - When I look Into Your Eyes
7. Jeffrey Osbourne - Baby Stay With Me Tonight
8. Paula Abdul - Straight Up
9. Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
10. William Shatner - Rocketman

. . . And may God have mercy on my soul.

Cherry Ride said...

I love "Baby Stay With Me Tonight" -- "cuz you give me special joy - oooh!"

Anonymous said...

Cherry: I think you forgot to mention your Celine Dion songs.
I know you have them!
- Gooj

PJS said...

OMG if you're serious I will SO give you my request list from this menu.

#5 is indeed alive...

darci said...

wow, this gem got buried in my regular trolls. what a find. I don't know how let's hear for the boy and we built this city made the list, maybe a typo on your part....

Anonymous said...

Wow...I've never met anyone that was familiar with the Bolton's 'Steel Bars'. It takes me back.