Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy (Belated) Birthday Madonna, who turned, like, 62 last week. In honor of her special day and her impact on our culture, the Cherry Ride Players are here to recite to you some of her best lyrics. Enjoy!

(Click on the picture to get a better look.)


classyandfancy said...

That Madge is quite the lyricist. The sad thing is that she didn't actually write some of those. A big wig producer was like, "Hmm . . the average listener is a dumb as a rock, so let's give Ms. Thang some gibberish to, um, what does she call it? That's right, sing!"

Wingman said...

Um, I actually snorted when I was laughing from reading this. Really loud. I scared Rosanna who has headphones on.

Damn Dita.