Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What Not to Do When Attacked by Feces - UPDATE

A guy in Germany had his wallet with about $10 grand pickpocketed from him after getting human feces thrown at him.

Seriously. This is both the most ingenious and most fucked up robbery I've ever heard of. The only thing more surprising is that it happened in Germany and not here. That German engineering outsmarts us again!

So the lesson here folks is that next time someone throws their feces on you, watch your back.

In other news, an Israeli woman escaped death thanks to her fake tits.

Feces and tits. Feces and tits. Feces and tits. (Why am I repeating these words? Because next time someone MSN Searches or Googles "feces and tits" I want to be the first answer.)

UPDATE: Mission accomplished:

PS - This is my 150th post to Cherry Ride. Mom & Dad would be so proud...


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

The old throw feces at them and take your wallet trick, huh? I know it well.

That was invented by the Chinese inovator, Hoo Flung Poo.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

That's so German.

Prashant Sridharan said...

I've been trying to explain for years and years and years that getting fake tits is the best thing in the world. No one listens to me. Now I have proof.