Friday, August 18, 2006

Other Tips for Saving Money

As you may have heard, Northwest Airlines recently laid off a bunch of customer service workers and baggage handlers. But they were kind enough to give them booklets called “101 Ways to Save Money” which included little gems like: shop in thrift stores, pull stuff from the trash, bicycle to work, borrow clothes and take shorter showers.

I have not seen this incredibly helpful booklet, but as I consider myself somewhat of a Renaissance Man when it comes to not working, I have a few other tips that I could share not just to these laid-off folks but really anyone wanting to save a little cash:

  1. Stop Shampooing. Or if you must, use Dial Soap.
  2. Curb all frivolous clothes washing. Or if you must, use Dial soap and the bathroom sink.
  3. Homemade Pet Rocks make great wedding, birthday and anniversary gifts!
  4. Soup: it’s what’s for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast.
  5. Skateboard to your next job interview.
  6. Sell a bunch of stuff on eBay.
  7. Go commando.
  8. Donate blood. And eggs. And semen.
  9. Ciphon gas from neighbor’s car.
  10. Borrow prescription meds off friends. Or maybe start dating a doctor.
  11. Rent your bedroom out, sleep on the couch.
  12. Sell your couch, sleep on the floor.
  13. Rob a bank.

1 comment:

classyandfancy said...

What's with the Dial soap? Do you have something against Irish Spring or Lava bar?

I would also add to your list steal a membership card to Costco or Sam's Club from a wealthy friend, or from someone at that bank in #13, and eat the crap out of some samples.