Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer is Over

Yes, it is true. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I declare summer to be over already. It just doesn't feel like summer anymore.

Part of it is because the weather already seems to be turning (aside from about a week of intense heat last month, it has been really nice in Chicago). It is the middle of August and we're averaging temps we'd normally see in September. * There's a slight chill in the air when the sun sets, and the temperature drops quickly at night.

Part of it is because Richard's 3-month summer visit ended last week. And still yet another part of it is because, several month's ago when I ordered Lolla tickets, I made a mental note that it was happening at the end of the summer.

The sun is positioned differently in the sky now; the sun no longer blares into my bedroom window in the afternoon and instead sits over the rooftop keeping my room cool and shady. And on the way to work this morning I passed a guy wearing a windbreaker. In August!

And even though it has been a really great,I say Bring On the Fall. I am ready for it (and a new season of Gray's Anatomy, but that's beside the point).

* Of course, I've just jinxed the whole deal and we'll have a good for weeks of blistering heat now that I've made this declaration.


Prashant Sridharan said...

The CRQOTW is a difficult one. You need to clarify: are the aliens evil, or are they benevolent in a Ward Cleaver sort of way (harsh and stern, but with our interests at heart).

If they're evil, they should take the President. Evil gets along mighty well with evil. Maybe he can convince them to invade France.

If they're good, I want them to take Jessica so that she can be cloned and I can have my very own Jessica here at home.

classyandfancy said...

Summer is not over until all of the Tastee Freezes close for the season and I have to take my Cosby sweaters out of storage. Until these pivotal events occur, I refuse to believe it is true.

J said...

Bring on the new season of Grey's Anatomy!!! I can't wait!