Saturday, August 26, 2006

To Amy at White Hen Pantry

This week's Cherry Ride QOW goes to Amy, the clerk at White Hen who yesterday sold me my Coke Zero and Power Bar...


I know you're busy and I can imagine that working the counter at White Hen Pantry kinda sucks. But when I tell you I have exact change and it takes me literally 5 extra seconds to hand it to you, you don't have to let out an audible ~sigh~ sound.

Sorry, what was that? Seriously. I'm not here to make your life harder. In fact, I thought I'd be doing you a favor so that you wouldn't have to fish around to give me change back. Because I know how unbearable that would be.

But whatever. A little less attitude next time would be nice.

- Cherry
[and no, this is not a photo of Amy. Not by a long shot.]


Loudlush said...

Maybe Amy was sighing in pure admiration of your egalitarian offer of correct change? Or was Amy the type who's probably never sighed in pure admiration of anything. Therein may lie the problem, methinks.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

You exact change having PRICK! I hate you and everyone like you.