Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thanks But No Thanks

This morning reading an article from Forbes about the 10 best cities to find a job. The cities in order are: DC, Phoenix, Vegas, Orlando, Bethesda, Richmond, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City, and Virginia Beach.

With few exceptions (DC/Bethesda, maaaybe Phoenix [but I think there is something wrong with people who choose not to have seasons]) this list could have been: 10 lamest cities in America. The reason the job market in places like these is good is because people don't want to live there. Of course there are plenty of jobs.

I mean, Oklahoma City? I'd pull out my eyeballs with pliers before I'd live there.

If I was in the job market, I think I'd take my chances in Chicago, New York, San Fran, etc. -- all cities that ranked low on the list because they're mature markets -- where at least there'd be something to do at night. Am I an urban snob? You betcha. Sue me.


$haun $ingapore said...

Hang on! Were you reading Forbes at the weekend? I only read THAT pub in airports or in the office to give the impression I am a clued up and rich businessman, innit.

BTW, In your memory, I will be drinking only pints of lager and lime next week in London. Water is for wimps.

Prashant Sridharan said...

DC and Bethesda are the same. I wonder why they separated the two.