Sunday, September 17, 2006

100 Portraits

I've started a new photo album on my Flickr! page called 100 Portraits. I'm going to collect photo portraits of all my friends and family, which will require me to dig through old photos and upload them to Flickr.

Since most of the photos I have from '98 through '04 are on disks in a box in a storage facility in Virginia (and not on Flickr), this could take some time. Right now I've only got 20.

The other issue is that I'm realizing that I don't have "portrait" type photos (ie a shot of just that person as a solo subject and not in a group) of many friends or family. I may just need to fly around the world to collect some.

[Fiona, London 2005]


Derek said...

wonderful idea! Looking forward to seeing them!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I just took a gander, or gancer?, through your photos, and you look like a sloppy drunk after my own heart.

Matt said...

The collection is looking good so far, and it sounds like an excellent excuse for the Cherry Ride 2007 World Tour to fill in the blanks!

CHW said...

Such a great idea. I may snatch it.

Jbro said...

I love this project Will and I hope I get the honour of being posted some day. BUT, that picture you have of Reb, incorrectly calls her Mel. Both adorable Aussie's I know, but v. diff people in the end. Miss you loads over here.