Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Circle of Life

[cue the Elton John song]...

I'm very sad because one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Dump, is shutting down. I'm in shock. It's kinda like when you're a kid and you ride your bike every week to the neighborhood candy store, and then one day you ride up and see a big fat "CLOSED" sign and all the windows are dark and the merchandise is cleared out. Reading the Dump was quite literally a highlight of my day. I wish Dan well in his next adventures.

But life is, among other things, a series of opening and closing doors, no? It's a give-and-take, a yin-and-yang. I have a friend getting screwed over by her job, while another is starting an exciting new one; one friend struggling through the first few days of school while another is close to finishing his PhD; friends living the dream of being ex-pats in Europe, while another is stuck in a place he doesn't want to be.

Anyway, the point is that everything is cyclicle including the blogosphere. The Daily Dump might be closing down, but I'm thrilled that my friend Katie, my Wingman extraordinaire*, is jumping from MSN Spaces to carve out her own little piece of the Blogger universe. She's still getting her site up-to-speed, but to all of my blogging friends (all 6 of you), please stop by and say hello. She is and is going to be really awesome.

(And hopefully my friend
Darci who is also awesome won't be far behind in making the switch from Spaces to Blogger either.)

* After I excitedly told her that I'd met Jessica Alba in a shoe store on Carnaby, Katie had only one question: "What shoes did you buy?" Only Katie [or maybe JB] would be more concerned about the shoes than my brush with celebrity.


Sizzler Sister said...

I too am sad about the Daily Dump. I perspire to be like him.

classyandfancy said...

I loved the crap out of the candy store that was by my grandparent's house. My grandma would give me a couple bucks and have me pick up a pack of smokes for her and use the change for some of those syrup filled wax soda bottles, UFO's, and swedish fish. It truly was a trying day when the store was no longer around.

What's happening here Cherry? You are getting a bit philosophical. I only want nonsense! But it is sad. I've head the same sentiments about Belligerent's retirement.

Cherry Ride said...

I loved those wax soda bottles. And sorry about the philosophical crap. It happens every once a while. I'll try to keep it under control.

sarah said...

Did you edit me????

There one visit and gone the next!

darci living in the dark ages on MSN said...

a very thoughtful blog indeed, the picture at the end almost made me cry.... and then I remembered several hours spent watching Lion King in slow motion to see if when Simba is depressed and plops down and seeds and dust go flying if it really spells "sex" and then I was ok.

watch and see on this new blog I will, decide soon on whether to move or not. real friends need not a flashy yellow star.

Matt said...

It was a real blow to see the Dump disappearing, I just hope Dan does decide to start up a new blog in the future when things return to normal, or as near to normal as we can ever get.

But also glad to hear Katie is making the move to Blogger; I've read her site a few times now, but never got on with the MSN style. I'll definately head on over and tell her you sent me!

(Hope she's using regular Blogger and not Beta Blogger!)

Cherry Ride said...

Sarah - no I didn;t edit you out. I did notice you left a comment on the previous post - maybe that's the one you're thinking of? Swear I didn't do a thing!

Darci - whaddya mean you're still thinking about it?? I thought it was a done deal. PS - love the Yoda impersonation.

Katie in the UK said...

Oh god, I completely forgot about the Jessica Alba thing! It's because, being the rockstar that I am, I am not impressed with celebrity.

Thanks for the shout out!


darci living in the dark ages on MSN said...

i don't know, i guess i'm just lazy primarily and don't know the benefits. a request for the DJ: a why blogspot is better than MSN blog :)