Friday, September 22, 2006

Freaky Friday

Sweet Jesus this is one of the most fucked up freaky things I've seen on YouTube. I first saw it on Curtis' site, then a bit later on Gawker.

Is little Electric Boogaloo a child? A midget? What is he? I'm freaking out.

If this was my child I think I would probably throw him out the window, once I got over the initial shock of having a kid so frickin' weird.

How long until he's on Leno? Any bets?


Sizzler Sister said...

OK, little Electric Boogaloo did NOT just take a puff of that cigarette!

I kinda feel like I need to take a shower after watching that.

My guess: EB is actually not a child, but an adult who has lived in a cave with no sunlight his whole life and learned to speak and dance by watching Michael Jackson videos his whole life.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...


What is most freaky about this pint-sized breaker?

1. The fact that he has his shirt off
2. The shit eating grin he keeps the whole time
3. The drag off the joint or smoke?
4. Is he cross eyed?
5. The whole family piled on the couch watching

All in all, good, clean fun. I forwarded that to Ozone and Turbo (Bugaloo Shrimp).

classyandfancy said...

Is it wrong that I've actually danced like that in public? I think mini Sanji can teach me a thing or two about the art of popping and locking . . .

Shaun - this is not a comment, but an observation said...

Is that Haley Joel Osment or a Bollywood Gary Coleman tribute act? I agree with La Sizzle, our friend is suffering from a mild case of rickets and the medication has made him go ghetto gay.

PinkHobbit said...

Seriously, what IS this? I think watching this only made me feel slightly worse than watching a Jon Benet Ramsey beauty pageant. I am no sure if I'm more disturbed by EB himself or the family exploiting him.

Katie in the UK said...

I am never eating curry again.

darci said...

i have nothing to say that Dr. Kenneth Noisewater didn't cover. I am most creeped out by the scary man crowd watching and the cheez grin. Shudder.

Matt said...

It's strange and wrong, but I can't stop coming back to it!!

Is that his real voice? That's just so damn wierd! Great find!