Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What I Learned this Weekend (Special Tuesday Edition)

  1. As much as I fantasize about it, I could never work at Starbucks. Because if I had to make a "sugar-free nonfat extra hot nonwhip raspberry latte" I would probably tell the person who ordered it to fuck off and go to back to the suburbs.
  2. I don't need to eat pasta ever again. (Seriously mom & dad - let's ease off on the pasta for the weekly Sunday dinners. Chinese might be nice for a little while.)
  3. Not sure I can follow through with this whole "growing my hair out for winter" thing I'm trying to pull off.
  4. Are we really still wearing those "Live Strong" yellow wristbands? Really?

This one isn't something I "learned" this weekend, it's just something I beg everyone to watch, as it is definitely a great moment in stereotype-shattering gay pioneers in the media (if for some reason the link doesn't work, go to Best Week Ever scoll down to Friday's weekly recap and click on the weatherman story from Thursday. Seriously, you won't regret it.).


Matt said...

That's the best video I've seen this week! The rest of the office is now wondering why I'm sat at my desk in stiches.

PJS said...

Yay! A numbered list!

1. I hear you, I really do. I used to get annoyed that I couldn't walk into Starbucks and get "a coffee". But then I had to learn their size language so I could order "Venti". Then I went low-carb, so I had to learn that a "breve latte" was made with half and half instead of milk. Then I realized how four packets of Splenda could not compare to the delicious sweetness of their sugar-free vanilla syrup. And THAT, my friend, is how I crossed over to the "Venti sugar-free vanilla breve Latte" dark side. Resistance is futile.
2. Pasta is satan. Midsection-inflating satan.
3. "... "
4. I was having this EXACT yellow wristband conversation with someone recently, but I can't for the life of me remember with whom. I think we were discussing things that people should stop doing once they turn 30. (Like maintaining a MySpace presence.)

classyandfancy said...

Please tell me that you are working on a Kentucky waterfall. You could use a "Live Strong" band to tie back your flowing rat tail.

Why is it that when I watch the video the weatherman reminds me of someone from Cameo? Word Up!

Julie_Gong said...

Wow. I love you for that video. It made this craptastic day F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!

Katie in the UK said...

Pasta/Rice. I am afraid I dont see the big diff?

Can we bring that phrase back? I love big diff.

With you on the yellow writstbands too. I saw someone with one the other day and I had thought that surely we must be done with that by now.
Clearly not.

classyandfancy said...

Cherry- I must remember to scroll all the way down your page! I was pleasantly surprised by the Moz quote. That song was just rocking on my ipod yesterday!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I thought after college Lamar would have tried to try his hand at professional javelin throwing with his limp-wristed throwing style. Who knew he'd be giving weather reports in a VERY dirty studio.

RevRee said...

"#2 I don't need to eat pasta ever again. (Seriously mom & dad - let's ease off on the pasta for the weekly Sunday dinners. Chinese might be nice for a little while.)

Would it be to presumptuous of me to ask if you're Italian? AND if so...is it true about what they say about Italian men?...

Rich said...

Do you think he looks Italian, Rev? Maybe at a stretch Northern Italy, but frankly I can't see it!
But he is a right corker of a good looker, ain't he!! ; )
Miss you, Chezzy Liide!

CHW said...

I'm just about to give up on the growing the hair thing. I'm now at the ugly point and my college years are flashing before my eyes. I look like a dweeb and must correct this madness.

FYI: I dig pasta all day everyday; Starbucks burn their coffee beans; Live Strong is so saturated and so yesterday that they have absolutely no meaning anymore. Especially when there are full-on variety packs out there now with every color of the rainbow for every cause under the sun.

Cherry Ride said...

Matt - I think I've watched that video a dozen times and I STILL laugh every single time. Seriously, next time I'm having a bad time at work I'm going to keep it cached so I can watch.

PJS - thanks for explaining what the "breve" is.

Classy - I prefer to call it an "ape drape" but no, not this time. I DID have a mullett for an entire weekend about 1.5 years ago. I am planning to write about it and post pictures soon because nobody believes me when I tell them.

Gonger - glad I could help.

Wingmand - totally up for bringing back "what's the diff." Proper!

Classy - thanks for catching that. I try to change the quote weekly. (Last week was Stereophonics.) "Disappointed" is my all-time favorite Moz song. It is brilliant and I want it played at my funeral.

Gancer - I think you're right. He DID look familar!

Revree - I am 8.3% Italian (not making that up). Have no idea "what they say about Italian men" but if it is what I think it is, the answer in my case is "no." ;-)

Ricardo: Me too!

Canuck: Last time I saw you your hair was short! I guess I need to get back to Portland soon.

classyandfancy said...

Cherry. Mullet. Pictures. Now.

I want "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" to play at my funeral.

CHW said...

too late...just chopped it today.