Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Summer May Be Over...

... but I'll always have my memories of Ugly Old Guy in Speedo lounging on his lawn chair on the walking path along Lake Shore Drive (between Oak St. and North Ave.) lettin' it all hang out for everyone* to see. What a douchebag!

In other news, this new Blogger Beta is starting to piss me off. Unable to leave comments on many friends' sites. Get it together, Blogger folks.

* The day we found him, there were probably a few hundred people walking that path. Literally hundreds of people saw his old shriveled junk.


Sizzler Sister said...

"His old shriveled junk." MMMMMMMM... thanks for giving me THAT image!

I love that you were able to take a picture of him AS he's looking at you.

Julie_Gong said...

I hate Blogger Beta. Why didn't you warn me. Thanks!

How did you get your mast head in there. I'm just a little slow.

Cherry Ride said...

Don't hate me! When I first signed onto the beta I swear there were no issues of leaving/not leaving comments, etc.! It used to work fine (I suspect that as more people migrated over to the beta, the more problems cropped up). Not my fault, really!

Re: the masthead - I had a friend create it for me, post it onto a server, and then I just posted the link he created into the HTML of the header. If I was more skilled I'd offer to create something for you, but I'm not.

Rich said...

This guy had no care in the world..the fact that we were quite clearly pointing the camera phone in his direction, did not phase him! Perhaps he did not have his bi-focals on!!
And as I do recall, it wasn't a terribly hot day aftre all of that!
Good times..

Matt said...

That's just so wrong in every way imaginable!

I was offered the chance to switch to beta, but didn't bother, now the option is gone. Beginning to think I made the right choice!

RevRee said...

I want a picture of you lettin' it all hang out for everyone to see!