Friday, September 08, 2006

So Sayeth Cherry Ride

My blog is like the English language - constantly evolving (or rather, since I think of myself as a language and grammar snob, should say "devolving").

Or maybe my blog is more like a shark -- to stop is to die.

Either way, the point is I'm constantly doing shit to my blog to make it look different (ha - I almost said better), like adding new links or adding posts on a regular basis.

I like to keep it fresh. Keep it real (as the cool kids used to say about a decade ago but I'm trying to bring back for a second wind). Take for example my blogroll. Now, I don't want to be one of those annoying bloggers who is constantly adding new sites and has a blogroll of about a hundred blogs. [C'mon -- it isn't like you're actually reading all of them on a regular basis! Unless you don't have 1) a job; or 2) a life.] I think one must exercise some discretion and not just throw any old blog to his/her list. So I'm starting to reach a point where some blogroll editing might be in order.

There are some of you listed on the right side who don't blog on a regular, or even semi-regular basis. I'm not talking about the people who blog about once a week; I'm talking those of you who seem to have taken the summer off [which, is like, the absolute BEST time to blog!!].

Let me get to the point: If you want to stay on the blogroll, you need to put a little effort into it. Post every once in awhile. Or maybe leave a comment if the thought of writing an entry is too much commitment to handle right now. Many in the guilty party are friends of mine - awesome people who I like to spend time with who make me happy and all that. You are and will always be my friend, but the question before you is: Do you also want to be my "blog friend'?

Because a blog friend is someone who shares with me a love of blogging. If your last post was in June, you don't love to blog (or maybe you do and your dead or something, which I wouldn't know about anyway because you didn't blog it to let me know).*

So please don't take it personally if in the next week or so your blog disappears from the column on the right because you've lost interest. There's nothing wrong with losing interest of course, that's totally cool. We can and will still be friends, we just won't be blog friends, and that's completely OK.

And on a completely different tangent - fuck off Blogger people and fix my fucking photo posting function already.

To give you an example, "J" is one of my truly best friends. But he's not a blog friend because not only does he not blog, but he thinks blogging is "gay."**

** It should also be noted that "J" himself is a homosexual, so I'm not sure where the insult to me is supposed to come into play, but anyway.


Anonymous said...

Grooowwwl...the Bitch Is Back!! ;

Matt said...

Been thinking of a facelift beyond the standard template myself, but while I may have the HTML skills, I have the artistic talents of a chimp with a crayon.

Still, love your blog and your blog loves you, as well demonstrated by the near 200 posts on the Daily Dump after the announcement of it's departure!

s xx said...

Now I have performance anxiety and feelings of about I promise that I will actually have my own website soon (rather than a common garden variety blog) and I will post witty, trendy and cool comments to keep it real!

classyandfancy said...

Pheww! Us once a week posters are safe! I was worried for a sec that I would no longer receive the Cherry love. It would be devastating to say the least.

Cherry Ride said...

Never would I delete you, Classy! We're, like, separated at birth, remember?

darci said...

i'm glad your making this call, because I trust your judgment and while I'm bored and browsing on a Saturday afternoon sometimes I explore... and then I find that someone hasn't posted since '82 and there endeth the browsing.

Sizzler Sister said...

You know, for the last week I've been thinking "Why hasn't Will added me to his blogroll?" But now I understand that it was a preemptive move because you'd end up deleting me because I'm still in the honeymoon phase of my blog and yet still can't be bothered to post more than once a week.

(Wow, that was a long sentence. Don't get all grammar-snob on me now.)

Matt said...

Just noticed I made the list, cheers Cherry!

I promise to upload the duties and responsabilities of this fine honor.