Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What I Love/Hate This Week

What I love (this week):

  1. Eskimo Joe
  2. Teen Witch
  3. My Godzilla desk toy
  4. Charo and those Geico commercials
  5. Gin Rickeys

What I hate (this week):

  1. Co-workers who are friendly outside of work but become miserable jerks in the office
  2. Tan shoes with dark pants
  3. People who yell "Get on the sidewalk!"/"Get off the street!" to cyclists (actually I hate them all the time, not just this week)
  4. "Artisan Bread" (whatever the hell that is) and fast food joints that promote it
  5. "Hip Hop Rebels" especially if they're whities


classyandfancy said...

Really, what the hell is a frescata anyway? I get the fresh part, but where does the cata come from? Pinata? Catheter?

Anonymous said...

Keep the love for Eskimo Joe! 'London Bombs',awesome track, and the Zooropa influenced 'Comfort You'. God, I miss seeing these guys live! I have heard that they are making the great assult on the US market. If you ever get to see them, GO!! The hardest working band in Australia at the mo!Classy..check 'em out!!

Anonymous said...

..oh, and TOTALLY agree with 'Hate Point' #2! So very much a no no!

Julie_Gong said...

Teen Witch is a great movie. I totally forgot about it.

s x said...

Am guessing this guy wished he did a little more philosophying and a little less eating.

WARNING - Rich - do not open this link in any circumstances (and that is not just me trying to apply reverse psychology!). Trust me on this one!

Cherry Ride said...

You've given me nightmares now! That is disgusting!!!

Richard - seriously, don't open the link. Seriously.