Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ten Dance Moves I Wish I Could Do

In continuing my fledgling tradition of listing a bunch of useless facts about me and my life, I bring you 10 dance moves I wish I could roll:

  1. The Robot
  2. Cowboy Stomp
  3. Samba
  4. Layer Cake
  5. Pop and Lock
  6. The Helicopter (or as I would call it, the HELLA-copter, yo!)
  7. The Chocolate Sundae
  8. Cotton Eyed Joe*
  9. Merengue
  10. The Worm
[This is me and Krista, totally schooling all the other dance floor suckas at Automatic Slims, NYC January 2005.]

* OK I'm totally kidding about that one. I wouldn't be caught dead doing the C.E.J., no matter how many tequila shots I had.**

** OK fine. There was that one time. But that's only because I slammed those kamikaze shots in, like, five minutes and I hadn't eaten all day.


Jader said...

What's The Chocolate Sundae?

(Damnit, I'm already craving dessert now and it's only 9:45 in the morning. Thanks Cherry.)

Prashant Sridharan said...

We need video demonstrations of each one, I'm afraid.

The Merengue got me laid in college, so I'm partial to it. Every now and then, I'll break it out in a bar hoping that its magic will return. No luck so far, but I'll keep trying.

classyandfancy said...

I can do a mad robot, the Kid n' Play "House Party" dance routine, and a mean gorilla slap sho nuf, but I always wanted to get my step on. I also want to learn the fine technique of crumping and the tootsie roll.

Do they offer lessons in any of these fine art forms? If so, we are so there.

classyandfancy said...

Answer me this. Why is it that Prashant and I have the habit of commenting at the same time?

Sizzler Sister said...

Few things:
Like Jader, I don't know what the Chocolate Sundae is either. Or the Layer Cake. Are these dances from the New Mickey Mouse Club?

I've been to Electric Slims! I love that place!

Nice photo. Please tell me that isn't your usual "dance face."

PJS said...

Oh Cmon. ANYBODY can do the robot.

Cherry Ride said...

Jader: The Sundae is this weird pseudo hip-hop move.

Prashant: One thing I like about you is everything you do or say is powered by your will to pick up chicks. Bravo!

Classy: I can't wait to see you do these moves sometime soon. Oh, and I think you and Prashant are of similar mind, that is why you post at the same time.

Sizzler: To answer your 2nd question: Quite possibly, yes.

Parley: Sure, I can fake a few moves but I want to DOMINATE the Robot category.

Ryan Charisma said...

but can you VOGUE?

don't just sit there,
let's get to it,
strike a pose,
there's nothing to it,

Andre said...

Kiddo, you never cease to amaze me, ha, ha. Now give me some line dancing...or is it sqaure dancing, actually bollocks to both, i want some hot guys on a bar doing the coyote ugly.

KateR in London said...

so by not listing them are you actually saying that your Moonwalk and Body-Pop are up to scratch? Not to mention your Numa Numa? Or do you just not have any desire to master them at all...?

Prashant Sridharan said...

Cherry, the way I see it, the world is a pretty shitty place. People beating each other up, bombing one another, blowing one another up, electing fuckwits to high office, and so on.

Our parents had it right: Make love, not war.

I'm just doing my part. Although, presently living in this shithole of a city makes it hard. I try, though. I try.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

What about The Smurf, as in, "I got to the party and I did The Smurf?"

I'm commenting on an old post to make up for my absence.